Hands On Heart

Hands On Heart supports the use of e-teaching for training in Paediatric Cardiology
Many practitioners in India, Africa and globally identify significant gaps in the learning experience in diagnosing and treating children with heart disease. Online educational modules supplemented by live training can make a significant difference. The Hands on Heart programme aims to make high-quality training in Paediatric Cardiology accessible to all healthcare practitioners, so as to improve the overall quality of cardiac care to children worldwide, with special emphasis on children in India and Africa.

In March 2010, People4People, in partnership with Cisco Technologies, launched a pioneering programme of live, interactive e-teaching in Paediatric Cardiology. Since 2011, the programme has been supported by Children’s HeartLink. A content platform was built by LinkStreet Learning, hosting recorded e-lectures, journal articles and quizzes on Paediatric Cardiology. Until August 2019, the programme was supported by the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi, India.

By December 2021, over 925 e-classes were delivered and biweekly online seminars continue to be held. Since September 2019, the programme is open to all interested learners, endorsed by the Paediatric Cardiac Society of India.

Hands On Heart is the longest-running free online teaching programme in Paediatric Cardiology in the world.