Telerad Foundation

The Telerad Foundation is a global not-for-profit social organisation working to make high-quality healthcare accessible to people everywhere.
Founded in 2007, TF designs, develops and runs CSR, PPP and philanthropic projects that delivers high-quality healthcare accessible to people everywhere, regardless of their geography or economic status.

Telemedicine Pioneers

At its inception, TF supported charitable hospitals in remote rural areas. Now, TF uses cutting-edge telehealth technology to deliver innovative, scalable, affordable healthcare and health education solutions.

Affordable Programme Management

Using digital technology extensively to keep costs low and hiring and training local talent, TF expands the reach of healthcare services to underserved areas. Passionate leaders from across the Telerad Group and physicians from RxDx donate their time and talent, as do volunteer radiologists worldwide.

Diverse Project Models

TF designs, develops and runs projects independently and in partnership with government agencies, charitable institutions, companies and communities to bring high-quality healthcare and awareness to underserved communities.


Physician Consultations

In-person Consultations

Telehealth Consulations

Partnership Projects

Truckers and their families across India

Painters and their families across India

Teleradiology Scans

Charity hospitals in India

Hospitals in Africa